Bee Hives

Our bees are here!
I think Michael spent over 100 hours researching bee hives, and how to raise bees, if not more. Bee’s are not indigenous to this part of the country so we will see how they do. We are hoping for honey Spring 2019 or 2020.

This is a dream Michael has had since we lived in suburbia. I had refused to allow bees in our neighborhood full of kids. He even asked my parents at one point if he could raise bees on their 5 acres. I don’t remember what came of that conversation, but it never happened. I suppose that was good since we moved. My Dad would have been pissed to have to deal with the bees left behind. It makes me laugh thinking about it. I miss my Dad.

We painted the bee hives. Michael picked blue and violet, I guess these are two colors bees are attracted to. Apparently the bees can tell which hive is theirs by the colors. Who knew?!? They look cute! Michael and Meicah went and bought the bees, as well as some supplies and they are here!

Meicah looked so cute in his bee suit. Watching them move the queen was impressive. He wasn’t even scared of the bees. Did you know that bee’s are actually very gentle? I didn’t even have a bee suit on. We are hoping to do a little part to save the bee’s, save the planet. If we all just do a little, maybe there is hope for us yet.

Hoping for honey.

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